Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

If you are on a keto diet or any other bodyweight reduction diet, Indian festivals can be a little daunting time for you. Every person all-around is munching on mithais and all items decadent when you are hoping to depend your calories. And you won’t be able to truly blame any individual Indian sweets are in fact heavenly but are also laden with energy. You might truly feel like you are missing out on the correct celebration by curbing your cravings but won’t be able to even load up on calories possibly. So, in our search for keto-friendly desserts, we arrived throughout a delectable keto cheesecake, which appears to be to be the answer to all our dessert cravings.

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Paneer is a aspect of a lot of Indian desserts

This great keto dessert is designed with paneer, dry fruits, and almond powder and uses stevia sugar. The texture is soft and chewy topped with crunchy dried fruits that make it a best dessert for all your sweet cravings. The finest section about this dessert is that you can mash all the things in a bowl, bake it, and your keto cheesecake is completely ready.

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This keto-pleasant dessert was shared by YouTuber Jyoti Dalmia on her YouTube channel ‘Magic in my food’. If you are prepared to indulge in this nutritious and delectable dessert, here is the recipe for you:

In a large bowl, get paneer and mash it until finally it is easy and creamy. To this increase a minor almond flour, stevia sugar, half of your dried fruits, and a spoonful of ghee. Mash all the things very well and prepare a easy dough, now divide this dough into very small muffin-like items topped with remaining dried fruits and bake it for 20-25 minutes. Get out of the oven and enable it chill just before devouring this healthful dessert.

View the complete online video for Keto cheesecake in this article:

So, there you have it, who says you have to prohibit all scrumptious treats when on a diet? Let us know how you favored this keto cheesecake in the comments underneath.