Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Whether simply walking or taking the right steps to meet individual fitness goals, Pedusa Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometers are the perfect choice to track progress easily, and accurately. The Pedusa PE799 Tri-Axis Accelerometer pedometer is a highly accurate, multifunction activity monitor offering Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Active Time, 7 Day Memory and Target Goal Setting. Also, In order to recognize actual walking activity and eliminate False Step readings, The Tri-Axis sensor has a 10 steps filter. If you move less than 10 steps and take about 5 seconds no-motion break, previous 10 or less steps will not be counted.

Product Features

Highly Accurate – 98 to 99%
Works vertically or horizontally
Features include: steps, distance, stride, calories, 7 day memory, Active Time,clock, and target goal settings
Protective slider cover, Low battery indicator