Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Maple Holistics Argan Conditioner

The newest addition to the Maple Holistics Haircare line synergizes nature’s greatest conditioning agents into a sustainable and universal platform to naturally revitalize dry and damaged hair to its ideal soft and shiny state.

The Formula

– Argan Oil

– Joboba Oil

– Shea Butter

– Green Tea and Hibiscus

– Pomegranate

– Sea Buckthorn

– Botanical Keratin

Great for:

– Dry and damaged hair

– Knotty and brittle hair

– Frizzy or curly hair

– Sensitive and broken hair

– Contributing volume, sleek and shine

– Reducing static

Years of research have been dedicated to formulating a blend of conditioning agents which can maximize smooth hairness, have no potentially harmful additives, and be effective for all hair types. Argan Conditioner takes the end result to a new level – with increased Argan Oil quantities and a pallet of natural hair nourishing ingredients, culminating optimal hair health can now be achieved like never before! For those sensitive to scents, Argan Conditioner contains no aroma with its pure and well-balanced formulation. With the homeopathic solution, taking care of your hair has never been easier. 100% money back guarantee.