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When I initially noticed the Aldi Keto Bread by L’Oven Refreshing a although back again, I knew it was a product that I unquestionably experienced to check out.

With a label touting it as “zero web carbs,” I was intrigued to say the the very least.

My head instantly started to strategy out a menu of foodstuff I experienced missed because starting Keto.

Notably, I was actually into the notion of earning:

  • a loaded BLT sandwich in the summer months (with butter and mayonnaise, of class)
  • crunchy croutons on a Caesar salad
  • stuffing drizzled with gravy for the vacations
  • French toast with berries and cream
  • Over effortless eggs with buttery toast to dip

With two flavors to pick from (multiseed and wheat bread), the alternatives would actually be endless!

But in advance of this was a reality, I experienced to see if it was even a worthwhile bread substitute.

Here’s my evaluation of the elusive zero carb bread from Aldi.


If you have been seeking for this elusive products and have still to see it stocked in your retailer, you are not by yourself.

Just after a quite profitable launch in 2019, Aldi stores have been performing challenging to retain this product or service stocked on their shelves.

For people that are lucky to obtain it, act immediately! This things tends to go particularly rapidly.

If you have the added storage house in your freezer, decide on up an excess loaf and freeze it. For emergencies, of class.

Comparison of multi-seed and wheat

Diet Information for Keto Helpful Bread at Aldi


For 1 slice of Aldi Keto Bread (multi-seed):

  • 45 calories, 2g fats, 9g total carbs, 9g fiber, 5g protein

Ingredients: H2o, modified wheat starch, wheat protein isolate, oat fiber, yeast, wheat gluten, inulin, sunflower seeds, soybean oil, wheat bran, flaxseed meal, vinegar, salt, preservatives (sorbic acid, calcium propionate)


For 1 slice of Aldi Keto Bread (wheat):

  • 40 energy, 1g fats, 9g whole carbs, 9g fiber, 5 grams of protein

Substances: Water, modified wheat starch, wheat protein isolate, oat fiber, yeast, wheat, gluten, inulin, soybean oil, wheat bran, vinegar, salt, preservatives (sorbic acid, calcium propionate)

Ingredients in Aldi Keto BreadElements in Aldi Keto Bread

Distinctive eating plans

In addition to the impressive macros, this bread substitute is excellent for body weight reduction and is also suited for vegans as effectively.

It is crucial to observe that it is not gluten-totally free, even so.

Price tag

1 of the most interesting areas, in my impression, is the price tag position. At my community store, each loaf came out to just $3.99.

This is an great worth considering that most small carb breads and mixes are commonly nearer to $10 a piece.

Flavor and Texture

In general, it looks and feels just like actual bread. It is smooth and squishy with a light-weight golden brown crust.

Flavor wise, I locate the bread to be a little bit bland and dry. It absolutely reminds me of the gluten-absolutely free breads that I’ve experienced in the earlier.

But quite actually, this is far better than what I would expect for a baked fantastic produced virtually totally of fiber.

It is not one thing that I would ever want to try to eat by yourself, but it serves nicely as a vessel for other foods.

When you get started piling on the toppings and condiments, you most likely will not even know it is not true bread.

Finest method of preparing

Although a bit simple by itself, I come across that toasting the bread increases the style and texture immensely.

This additional step adds a genuinely delightful, nutty aroma and taste comparable to genuine bread.

It also crisps up completely in a toaster oven just like regular bread would.

Aldi Zero Carb Bread SliceA slice of Aldi Keto Bread appears extremely very similar to regular wheat bread

Is it suitable for the Keto Diet?

It really depends on your definition of a Keto diet.

Some pick out a very demanding approach that avoids components like gluten and wheat starch. In this situation, it’s almost certainly not a excellent decision for a super clean up ketogenic diet.

Individually, I choose to comply with a much more lax method that only restrictions carbohydrates to continue to be in ketosis. This is from time to time referred to as “Lazy Keto,” but it operates extremely well for me.

With that becoming claimed, make a judgement-dependent determination as to regardless of whether or not this is one thing you’d take in on a regular basis.


Overall, I assumed it was rather excellent, primarily when toasted. I most likely would not consume this day by day, but I would undoubtedly get it all over again.

The two bread flavors are pretty comparable and I’m not absolutely sure I can convey to the difference.

As mentioned before, I program on holding a loaf of this in my fridge for circumstances when I genuinely want bread.

Have you attempted this zero carb bread from your area Aldi?


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