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Sliced ​​keto 1 minute muffins cooked and ready for toppings

1 minute keto muffins The panic of snack time will stop. This is one of my favorite keto recipes of all time, and it will soon become yours too! These simple keto muffins can be savory or sweet, depending on your mood.

With only 2 grams of net carbohydrates, these instant keto muffins are the best choice for multifunctional keto snacks. They are also a delicious solution for empty lunch box emergencies. The whole family will love it. This recipe will soon become the new favorite of the family.

In this article, you will find many flavor changes (see below). Which one do you like best?

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Keto muffins on a white plate with a blue napkin in the backgroundQuick and easy 1-minute muffins

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1 minute keto muffins

These 1-minute muffins require only 4 simple ingredients and can be made in 1 minute. No sugar added!

If you are not familiar with low-carb or ketogenic diets, these fluffy muffins are definitely your savior. Sweet or salty, 1-minute keto muffins will satisfy you.

Below, I will give you a dozen different ways to enjoy these low-carb muffins. But don’t stop there!My member Facebook group Probably gave me more than 100 changes they like.

If you come up with a flavor you like, please share it with me in the comments. I like to hear from you! In addition, I might want to taste that taste for myself. 😉

1 minute keto muffins on a white plate and folded blue napkin

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Super fast tomato muffin “bread”

These super fast keto muffins quickly became an absolute staple in our family. We constantly dream of new changes. The fact that they are keto is an absolute reward.

If you are at the peak of the crazy morning and your pantry is running out, and you don’t know what to pack for lunch, prepare a keto muffin and slide it out of the muffin pan (or cup) . Divide it in half, add your child’s favorite sandwich filling, and tell them it’s a mini slider!

Technically, I should call these 45-second muffins My microwave oven is 1220W. You may need to adjust the cooking time according to your microwave oven.

No microwave? no problem. I have included another cooking method in the recipe card below!

If you bake these in the oven, remember to use a muffin pan (or muffin cup) with a muffin liner.

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Keto Muffin Flavor Selection

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I have been trying to add other ingredients to sweeten these muffins or Salty. These keto muffins can replace bread, bagels, and even cupcakes. The possibilities are almost limitless.

For sweet muffins, use your favorite sugar-free Sweetener And always add sweeteners and flavors according to your taste.

These are the changes we have dreamed of so far. With the basic formula, just add the following:

  • Sweet -1 teaspoon sweetener
  • nut -2 teaspoons of nut butter (I like to add almond butter) and 1 teaspoon of sweetener
  • cinnamon -1 teaspoon of sweetener and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.After cooking, add butter, sprinkle with sweetener and cinnamon
  • tacky -2 tablespoons grated/chopped cheese and 1 teaspoon chopped chives
  • Spinach and Feta -2 tablespoons grated shredded cheese and some chopped cooked spinach leaves
  • Sloppy joss with 1-minute muffins
  • Keto Blueberry Muffins- To make healthy blueberry muffins, just add a few spoons of frozen or fresh blueberries, 1 teaspoon of sweetener and 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • Lemon Muffins—— Add some grated lemon zest and a little lemon juice to the muffin batter, add 1 teaspoon of sweetener
  • Breakfast sandwich -Separate the muffins and put eggs or egg whites, cheese, bacon or sausage on top… delicious!
  • Keto Chocolate Muffins- Before putting in the microwave, add 1 tablespoon of cocoa nibs or unsweetened chocolate chips, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1 teaspoon of sweetener
  • Keto Chocolate Muffins- Add 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder Adding 1 teaspoon of sweetener can help you satisfy your sweet tooth

Understand what I mean by the infinite possibilities of these amazing muffins? They make a great breakfast, lunch or snack!

1 minute keto muffin ingredients

Another decision you need to make is whether you want to add toppings to the muffins. If so, which one?

For decadent hospitality, why not add some Homemade sugar-free peanut butter Like them? Beware-they can be addictive.

Sugar-free peanut butter on a folded blue and white napkin with a silver spoonSugar Free Chocolate Sauce

The cream cheese is also lovely.For fun refreshments, you can try these muffins with whipped cream and Unsweetened jam.

Keto muffins are also quick and delicious keto casserole dumplings.

Prepare 1-minute keto muffins according to the recipe, then cut them in half and place them on top Any casseroleYou can even sprinkle cheese on casseroles and dumplings before closing the lid. How amazing is that?

For lamb casserole, I would add 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary or fresh rosemary to the muffin mixture.

How to serve tomato muffins

After the 1-minute keto muffins are cooked, you can eat them directly or bake them. I sent the toaster away three years ago, so when I make a good breakfast, I will lightly fry them in a frying pan.

But my favorite method is to eat it warm with melted butter, sweetener and cinnamon. This golden brown treat goes well with my morning coffee!

I serve these low-carb muffins with soup or bacon and eggs (say hello to your own keto egg mac muffins) or use whipped cream as an instant dessert with sugar.

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Purposeful cooking with zero waste

One of the best things about small batch recipes is that nothing is wasted. Don’t worry about food spoilage, it’s great to enjoy this feeling.

This is one of the many reasons why I believe that purposeful cooking can have a huge impact on our food budget.

One of the biggest concerns of new low-carb followers is the cost of special ingredients.However, you can easily get some tips How to eat healthy and save money.

Fortunately, you may already have all the ingredients needed to make these gluten-free, low-carb muffins in your current pantry. There is no need to go to the grocery store to buy anything new.

Get a free printable pantry List of low-carb and keto emergency foods.

Keto Muffins on a Blue Towel Plate1 minute muffin (12 flavors)

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Tips for making the perfect keto muffin

Recipe updates and important tips: Readers have a love/hate relationship with this recipe. I find this is because the quality of coconut flour varies greatly. A teaspoon A coconut flour brand may be equivalent to A tablespoon Another-so we see the change in the comments below.

This is the only drawback of using these wonderful new, unprocessed whole food ingredients. They are not as standardized as the ultra-processed and high-carbohydrate baking ingredients there.

5 important tips for making this recipe

  1. Make sure you Measure carefully. You won’t believe how many readers mix baking powder with coconut flour.
  2. Mix thoroughly. You don’t want a lump of coconut flour or baking powder to stick to the corner of your microwave cup. So mix the dry and wet ingredients until the muffin batter becomes smooth.
  3. Let the batter thicken. When adding liquid (egg), coconut flour has the most amazing absorption and expansion capacity. Not allowing it to thicken is when some readers decide to use the microwave to heat it for a longer period of time and end up with a dry, overcooked muffin.
  4. If all the above techniques fail to make regular bread batter for keto muffins, Add another teaspoon of coconut flour and mix again.
  5. Taste, taste, taste. Whether it’s more spices and cheese for savory muffins, or additional sweetener and cinnamon for sweet muffins, always season them according to your personal taste. No one wants dry, tasteless muffins. This is nothing fun.

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do! Tell me what you think in the comments below.

A beginner's guide model for starting low carb or keto

📖 recipe

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Keto muffins on a white plate with a blue napkin in the background


The perfect instant keto bread is this 1-minute keto muffin. Depending on the taste you decide to add, it can be made into sweet or savory grain-free snacks.

Calculated components

Adjust the weight: 1

Cooking modePrevent the screen from dimming

  • Grease the ramen dish (or very large coffee cup) with coconut oil or butter.

  • Mix all the ingredients together with a fork to make sure it is not lumpy.

  • Cook the keto muffins for 1 minute on high heat in the microwave for 45 seconds-1 minute. Alternatively, they can be baked in the oven at 200C/400F for 12 minutes.

  • Cut in half and serve. (Baking or frying is optional)

nutrient content

1 minute keto muffins

Amount per serving

% Daily Value*


* The daily percentage value is based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This website provides general nutritional information for convenience and courtesy.To get the most accurate nutrition data, use the actual ingredients and brands you use in the preferred nutrition calculator, such as observatory
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